About Us

Root Down Botanicals: Rooted in NatureRoot Down Botanicals

Root Down Botanicals’ natural fragrances are designed to translate the magical language of plants into a human experience.  Our collection of 3 botanical blends are crafted with essences to create specific moods that will help you throughout your day:  MORNING:  AWAKE & ENERGIZE, AFTERNOON:  CALM & CENTER, and EVENING:  RELAX & UNWIND.

The fragrance collection is formulated and poured by hand in small batches with pure essences from botanical seeds, fruits, herbs, and flowers.  These scents are captured within a base of nourishing Argon, Jojoba, and Apricot Kernel Oil.  The botanical based composition of our blends provide a subtle alternative to synthetic fragrances while also providing therapeutic benefits that synthetic fragrances do not.

Each is bottled in amber glass to protect the integrity of each botanical fragrance.  We source our ingredients from responsible and sustainable producers who carefully select the highest quality ingredients from around the world.  All of Root Down Botanicals’ products contain no parabens, sulfates, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Nurture the Mind + Body + Soul

Aromas have long been used not only for their pleasing scents, but for their ability to be mood enhancing, medicinal, healing and to support our emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

  • Mind:  Each natural fragrance is unique in its healing properties.  The soothing scents help to untangle stress, worries, and tension.

  • Body:  Feed your body with skin nourishing, natural and organic botanical oils.  Each scent contains all natural oils that absorb quickly to hydrate, soothe and feed your skin with essential fatty acids, Vitamins A and E.

  • Soul: Feed your soul with uplifting and mood enhancing pure botanical essential oils.  Natural aromatics help to restore internal balance and bring renewing energy.

About the Founder

Root Down Botanicals FounderChanté Floreani lives in the Pacific Northwest and founded Root Down Botanicals as a way to combine her passion of organic and eco-friendly products with her love of plants and their inspiring qualities.  “Smell Good + Feel Good, Naturally” is the philosophy behind her products.  The ingredients are all rooted in nature with each blend harnessing the therapeutic powers of plants.

While in college in Colorado, Chanté began mixing her own essential oil fragrances.  What started as a hobby years ago, has turned into a business that intersects her love of art, science and nature.  There are no secret formulas, hidden ingredients, synthetic fragrances or chemical preservatives.