The Story of Grapefruit

The Story of Grapefruit

Story:  The grapefruit was originally named “the Forbidden Fruit” by a reverend who discovered it in 18th century Barbados while on a quest to find the origin of the Garden of Eden’s tree of good & evil.

Did you know…

Grapefruit is the only citrus species that did not originate in Southeast Asia.  It was discovered less than 300 years ago in Barbados.

It’s origin has puzzled historians for years, but it is now believed to be an accidental hybrid between the orange & pummelo tree.  The pummelo tree was not introduced to the West Indies until the late 1600’s when Captain Shaddock of the East India Company brought it’s seeds halfway around the world from Southeast Asia.

Reverend Griffith Hughes came upon the grapefruit in 1750 and declared it “the Forbidden Fruit” when he and others were seeking the origin of the tree of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.  It carried “the Forbidden Fruit” name for over a hundred years after its discovery.

It wasn’t until the 1800′s that a Jamaican farmer called the fruit “grapefruit” for the grape-like cluster in which it grows on trees.

In 1823, grapefruit made its way to the United States in the form of seeds brought by either Spanish or French settlers to Florida.

In 1885, the grapefruit caught commercial recognition after a Florida farmer sent his first shipment of grapefruits to New York and Philadelphia, generating enough excitement to spawn the commercial grapefruit industry.

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